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Recent Posts

career plans
Dec 2018 . Big Ideas

Why you should avoid 10-year career plans

Imagine having an intricate 10-year plan for a successful career in finance, only to find out you hate most aspects of finance after your first job in investment banking.

Networking Information Session
Nov 2018 . networking

The playbook to information sessions and networking for internships

Firms like Google, McKinsey, and Goldman have hundreds of students clamoring for interviews at information sessions. Here's how to get their attention.

Nov 2018 . Big Ideas

How to “click” with your interviewer

Think about the last time you knocked an interview out of the park. How did you feel?

Oct 2018 . Big Ideas

Crowdsourced questions & answers

Earlier this week I crowdsourced questions from 2 by 22 subscribers — the response was fantastic with many introspectiv…

Internship Interview Questions
Oct 2018 . How to Guides

Internship interview questions | A playbook to beat the competition

When I was recruiting for an internship in college, it seemed like 90% of my interview preparation for one strategy cons…

Productivity Deep Work
Sep 2018 . Big Ideas

3 powerful strategies to becoming productive at work (or school)

I’ve noticed many professionals early in their careers correlate working long hours with success. Prestigious jobs in professional services (finance, technology, law, etc.) often have demanding work environments with the expectation of consistent 60+ hour work weeks.

Sep 2018 . Big Ideas

How to achieve your most ambitious goals

How frequently do you come up with ambitious goals only to have them fall flat within a few weeks? According to US News, 80% of new year’s resolutions fail by week two of February. Yikes… If you’re like me, you probably have a list of goals for yourself at any given moment. And if you’re really like me, you drop the ball on half of these goals.

Internship Cover Letter
Aug 2018 . How to Guides

How to write a cover letter for highly competitive internships and jobs

This is the formula for writing A+ cover letters that will captivate screeners at the most competitive firms in the world (McKinsey, Goldman, etc.)

Networking Difficulty
Aug 2018 . Big Ideas

Why last minute networking doesn’t work

But after being on the receiving end of cold emails for a year, I quickly realized it’s incredibly difficult to reply to each person, let alone take every call. I have three strategies for getting in touch with someone who may be targeted by many other applicants:

Career Satisfaction
Aug 2018 . Big Ideas

Career Satisfaction = Discontent + Action + Gratitude

You probably subscribe to this blog because you’re a highly self-motivated person trying to figure out how to build a successful career. You think about big questions like“what do I want to do in life,” “how will I get there,” and “what does success mean to me?”