Explore Your Career Interests With These 5 Powerful Strategies

Did you think internships were the only way to test career options? Here are 5 efficient strategies to validate your career interests before making a commitment.

I bet you have a million different interests and hobbies: rock climbing, photography, skiing, fashion, politics, traveling, hiking, jewelry, coffee, basketball, medicine, music…

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Do You Know How to Navigate a Cold Call? [Script Included]

Are you using informational chats to fast-track your career? Take control of your future and use chats to learn about the endless number of career opportunities — here’s how.

So you finally get around to sending 50 cold-emails and all of a sudden there are multiple people willing to talk with you.

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Find your career path with this 3-step framework

I used this framework in college to discover amazing career opportunities. If you don’t know what kind of internship or job you want then start here.

When I was a freshman at UC Berkeley, I thought I wanted to work for a startup. Despite knowing very little about entrepreneurship in the Bay Area and what founding a startup entails, I liked the idea of it.