How to deal with interview rejection

An internship or job offer does not define your self-worth. Informed by my share of countless rejections, here’s my system for dealing with failure.

During my junior year, I had a final round interview with one of the top management consulting firms. This was an offer I really wanted, and I had been preparing for months.

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Thoughts on his first job — guest post from Wharton graduate

This week, my coworker Tai Bendit discusses the 4 factors he considered crucial during his job search.

This week’s post is written by my coworker Tai Bendit. While his post discusses some details around the job we both have at LinkedIn, the lessons and takeaways are important to everyone at 2 by 22. If you want more content like this (perspectives from my friends), reply back and let me know!

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Stop missing out on hidden jobs

Do you know the difference between being proactive and reactive? It’s the difference between applying to visible jobs posting vs. finding hidden job opportunities. This can make or break your early career.

What if I told you that everything you think you know about the Internet is a lie?

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